DIVIN (BRANDY) Kvint VSOP 5 Years Old 200 ml

Divin is served at the temperature 20-22°С in special glasses with the short stem and the bowl with wide bottom and tapering top.

Aged: 5 years
Alcohol: 40% vol.
Sugar: 15 g/dm3
Category: VSOP
Serving temperature: 20-22°С
Capacity: 0.2 L.

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DIVIN (BRANDY) Kvint VSOP 5 Years Old

It is made by blending process from our own high-quality Eaux-de-vie aged in oak barrels for no less than 5 years. It features golden-amber color, fine aroma, soft and harmonious taste with light floral tones. it is recommended to drink neat or to use as a basis for various cocktails.


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