SECCO+ Passion Fruit Sparkling Wine Pack of 4

Behind passion fruit’s rather inconspicuous skin hides a true vitamin bomb: this tropic fruit contains a good deal of vitamins A, B and C as well as calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphor. Besides German quality wine the natural passion fruit TASTE ripened under the tropical sun turned out to be the ideal ingredient for our tangy SECCO+ PASSION FRUIT TASTE mix.

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SECCO+ Passion Fruit Sparkling Wine Cans

Colour & appearance:     dark orange, sparkly
Bouquet: fruity, sweet
Flavors: passion fruit taste
Taste: exotic, fruity, delicious, fresh
Serving temperature: 6 – 8 °C
Wine: German wine
Origin: Rhineland-Palatinate
Alcohol Content: 5.5 % Vol.
Packages: Pack of 4; 0,25 l per can


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